Extra! “Diário de uma Husky” has been stolen

Guys, I’m back!

On XMas, Mum was planning to put in practice one of her New Year’s resolutions: to reactivate my blog Diário de uma Husky. But when she accessed the blog URL… Surprise! The blog had been stolen by some idiot who probably has all the spare time that lacks to my Mum in these last years.


We managed to recover a few posts through Web Archive site, but most of our favourite posts are GONE FOREVER! The few recovered posts have been republished here under their original dates. We will republish other posts as we manage to recover them in the future.

For this reason, we created this new blog and hope you enjoy it. I also have a Facebook Page now. In case you want to like it, the URL is: https://www.facebook.com/raisahusky.

I miss all my old blog friends so much and hope you are all fine and can hear my howls from Brazil now!

Happy 2013 everybody!!!

Mum’s fault, Mum’s grievous fault…

A month and so without blogging… No Featured Member of May… No new pictures… No news about me… And I could not even read my budies blogs…

But what hell is going on here?! Mum has been so busy that she never has time to help me typing… She just keeps saying: “Blogging or playing: it is your choice”. Guys, it is not fair! She could get up an hour earlier to help me to tell the world how smart, fluffy and funny I am!

Well, once again she has promised to dedicate more of her (short) spare time here. I just hope she keeps her promise this time!

I just wanted some attention!

Mum is really mad with me… Last evening she got back home from work and instead of playing football with me, she went to the kitchen to talk with Grandma! WHAT AN OUTRAGE!!! Can you think of something more important than playing football with ME than going to the kitchen to talk, talk, talk?!?!

Well, to show Mum that giving attention to me is more important than talking to Grandma, I PEED ON MUM’S BED! But now I’m in trouble… Mum does not let me sleep in MY ROOM when she is not around! Well, everything I have to say is that IT IS NOT FAIR!!! It is my room too!

5 weird things/habits about Myself & Luma

Well, I was tagged twice (by Just Me Copper and by Tara), so I guess I have to tell you about 10 weird things about myself. Uh? What are you barking Luma? Ah! Luma suggested that we bark 5 weird things about each one of us! Well, I hate to bark that, but Luma had a rare good idea! So, here it goes!

Rules: The player of this game starts by listing “5 weird things/habits” about yourself, then you “tag” five friends and list their names. Those who get “tagged” need to write on their blogs about their “5 weird things/habits”, as well as state this rule clearly, then “tag” five more victims. Don’t forget get to leave your victim a comment that says “you’re tagged!” in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

Five weird things about myself (Raisa):

1- I eat funny things: flowers, bushes, my toys, magazines and newspapers delivered by the 2-wheels creature.

2- I hide my biscuits under the sofa and then I have to ask my people to lift the sofa so that I can retrieve my biscuits;

3- I like to put my nose in the water bowl and make bubbles in it;

4- I get really scared of plastic bags, umbrellas and of anything that I have never seen before;

5- I like to sink my face in mud.

Five weird things about myself (Luma):

1- I bite my nails;

2- I snore when I sleep;

3- I growl at my humans and then roll on the floor to show them that it wasn’t my real intention;

4- I’m afraid of insects, especially bees!

5- I open the doors just like humans do: using the knob!

We tag: Ivy, Freda, Woof-Woof, Spirit and Ellie.